Arbor Week

In South Africa we have a whole week dedicated to Arbor-ness. There is great stuff going on all over South Africa one hopes, although a Google search produces more events from previous years and to be honest I haven’t seen anything but then I don’t get out much.

I am celebrating Arbor week by planting some indigenous trees in my Bird Garden. I went out to Grow Wild Indigenous Nursery this afternoon to buy them. It’s a brilliant nursery, although not much to look at. Their website is a fantastic resource for finding a plant that matches your requirements, they responded within a few HOURS to my query AND they have 20% off trees for the whole of September in honour of Arbor week.

The trees of the year for 2014 are White Ironwood (Vepris lanceolata) , which conincidentally I had been eyeing in my book, and the Lavender Tree (Heteropyxis natelensis). I bought a small one of each and a Wild Pear which turns out to be the Pink Wild Pear (Dombeya burgessiae) instead of the Dombeya rotundifolia. Both have beautiful blossoms so I’m sure I will be just as happy with it, perhaps happier, but it just goes to show the importance of Latin names; or tree numbers.

I hope where ever you are in the world you are planting a tree for Arbor week, if you don’t have a place for one yourself there are great schemes for community planting.


Happiness is… shopping for plants.

ippOn Tuesday I drove out to Krugersdorp to buy fruit trees from one of my favourite nurseries, Austraflora. It certainly has the best range of fruit trees of any nursery I’ve been to, apples, pears, peaches, plums and even quinces and crab apple, and the owner is friendly.

I bought two apples, Fuji and Golden Delicious, and three pears; Forelle, Packham’s Triumph and Rosmarie. I’m going to try my hand at espaliering. Fingers crossed.

I couldn’t resist this gorgeous cymbidium orchid …                                                                                                                                                            ipp      ipp                                                                                                                                               …and this hellebora